Leverage the Potential of Your True Nature

- Johanna Coderre, psycho-bio-acupressure (PBA) practitioner

Psycho-Bio-Acupressure is a natural, simple and painless method developed by Dr. Pierre-Noël Delatte. This approach makes it possible to release emotional blockages linked to negative experiences lived in the past that affect our life.

Psycho: because we work at the emotional level;
Bio: because this method is 100% natural;
Acupressure: because we apply pressure to points on the body.

There are two aspects involved in this method, first: balancing the energetic and emotional system and second: releasing emotional blockages.

Discover PBA: a technique to release our emotions.
For more information, see the link to the program: Salut Bonjour.

PBA brings well-being and harmony in our life and our family’s lives:

  • Services offered for all ages (babies, children, teenagers, adults and seniors);
  • Tailor-made services adapted to your needs;
  • A gentle, natural and painless approach based on ethics and respect;
  • A judgement free experience;
  • Centred around active listening;
  • Prioritises confidentiality and professionalism.

PBA brings well-being and harmony into our lives:

This approach, a non-medical discipline, does not replace the services of health professionals such as doctors, psychologists or psychotherapists. Furthermore, only a doctor who prescribes a treatment or medication is authorised to modify it.

A psycho-bio-acupressure session

The session lasts one hour and the price is $95 taxes included payable in cash or by bank transfer.
A session is divided into two parts:
1: Rebalancing the Energy and Emotional System

The first part consists of applying pressure simultaneously to five acupressure points, which produces a “printed circuit” on the body. Stimulation of these points allows the release of endorphins in the brain which act on both the body and mind. Each “printed circuit” corresponds to a targeted emotion such as, but not limited to, anger, fear, stress, guilt, powerlessness.

2: Releasing Emotional Blockages

It is important to understand that we all have  emotional blockages. They appear most often during early childhood, when the brain is uncapable to put events into perspective. These emotional blocks are conditions that occur without our knowledge and they prevent us from fully expressing our true nature. These blockages can cause permanent discomfort or can appear during particular circumstances.

The practitioner identifies the emotional blockages located in the emotional part of the brain (unconscious). Subsequently, they verbalise the blockages which allows the client to release them without discussion or confrontation.


  • Addictions – for example, alcohol, drugs, food
  • Stress – Fears – Worries – Doubts
  • Exhaustion – Discouragement – Depression
  • Self-confidence – Assertiveness
  • Interpersonal relationships: Love, Family, Social, Work
  • Sexuality – Procreation
  • Difficulty to Let Go
  • Development of Potential
  • Insomnia
  • Difficulty to Make Choices


  • Behavioral problems
  • Hyperactivity
  • Concentration
  • Shyness
  • Self-confidence – Self-assertion
  • Managing emotions
  • Learning difficulty
  • Bedwetting – Encopresis


  • Crying – Worries
  • Difficulty Sleeping – Night Terrors
  • Infant colic
  • Repeated ear infections
  • Anger
  • Fear of separation – Fear of being abandoned
  • Pregnancy and/or difficulty delivery


What people say about PBA

“Dear Johanna,
I want to thank you for the PBA sessions, they brought me a lot. There were a lot of childhood memories that were hidden and forgotten. Since the sessions, I have less weight on my shoulders, more vitality and self-confidence. Now I look at life and find it more beautiful.

Thank you, Johanna for this beautiful gift!”

Micheline Boutin,


“I had two PBA sessions with Johanna and I found them very relaxing and thought provoking. They helped me to clear a lot of energy and baggage I had been carrying around for years. They offered me clarity and helped me to handle situations differently. I was better to manage a few stressful periods, thanks to you Johanna.

Two of my sons also had a great experience with their sessions and found that they felt lighter afterwards. They also found it very interesting.

I highly recommend Johanna.”

Pat Tramley,

School Integration Coordinator


“When Johanna offered me the PBA session, I had no knowledge of these services. I knew her very well, and she provided detailed explanations, so I agreed to have a session without any expectations.

During the first session, I felt comfortable with and attentive to what was happening. The session helped me let go! I remembered that I found the session too short!

In the second session, it was with the same spirit that I let go. I can say now that I avoided “sleep apnea” and I am convinced that without this intervention, I could not sleep without help. Getting back to sleep has helped me enormously.

Thanks Johanna! Keep up the good work.”

Céline Pelletier,


“An enriching, surprising and gentle experience.

An introspection like I had never experienced before, and I have done a lot in my life, believe me! I learned about myself and also the impact of my experiences and my environment on my personality and emotions. I came out of each session full of self-confidence, more able to face my fears and above all, greatly relaxed. I am gradually becoming more assertive and I am managing to regain control of my life.

I recommend a PBA session without any hesitation, even to most skeptical.”

Vanessa Girard,

Music Teacher


"My introduction to PBA made me realise that the body, the unconscious and the soul keep in memory a lot of negative emotions. These emotions sometimes do not belong to us and subconsciously impact us throughout our lives from birth to adulthood.

PBA is a gentle therapeutic approach, involving no pain. It brings us inside ourselves to release all the blockages which have blinded and slowed us down for years. It has allowed me to feel free, to forgive myself, others and the events that I have lived consciously and unconsciously. It also allowed me to find myself and have a zest for life again, which had been taken away from me all my life.

Thank you, with all my heart, Johanna for being there for me. Your help has allowed me to overcome the difficult moments of my life. I was touched by your guidance."

Francine Brabant,
Massage Therapist


“I consulted Johanna without knowing what to expect.

During the session, I felt a heavy pressure at the back of my head, but by the end it was gone and I felt lighter. I was amazed by the questions she asked me, which were very relevant to me. I found PBA to be helpful and Johanna is kind, empathetic and patient. I’ve taken my sister to Johanna twice and have also recommended her to others. I look forward to having another session soon.”

Ingrid Power,

Jin Shin Jyustu® Practitioner and Massage Therapist


“A superb experience!

I had never participated in such a session before. I was both curious and anxious at the beginning. Johanna is not intrusive and she is very respectful in her working method. I did two PBA sessions and I enjoyed my experience!

I strongly recommend doing a session with her. You will be calmer and relaxed. Johanna is very open and kind so don’t worry and enjoy the experience! We learn every day about ourselves and I would happily do a session again! 😊

Vicky Charest,

Notre-Dame du Mont Carmel

La Mauricie

“I consulted Johanna for PBA sessions for my two daughters Béatrice and Delphine. At that time, I was going through a separation with the mother of my daughters and I can say that the adaptation was not easy!

During the session Johanna was gentle with my daughters and was able to adapt her questions to best suit them. Béatrice greatly appreciated Johanna's calm and gentle nature. From my perspective, I found her very human and empathic with my daughters. Above all else, I saw a positive change in their adaptation to the separation.

I thank the person who referred me to you.

I will not hesitate to see you again for a session during your visit to my region.

Thank you, Johanna, for your help and professionalism!”

Jean-François Baril,




Johanna Coderre

My mission
Help people improve their emotional health and break down the barriers that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

My vision
Each individual is unique and has their own history and experience. Therefore, I carefully adapt my approach according to the needs of each client.

My journey in summary
After college studies in police technique and my brief experience as a police officer, I undertook studies in social work at Laval University. I continued my training with a specialization in youth intervention at the University of Montreal and subsequently in drug and alcohol addiction at the University of Sherbrooke.

In 2018, the alternative approach of psycho-bio-acupressure, little known in Quebec, caught my attention. What I discovered about this method finally made me decide to improve my knowledge.
My training started in the fall of 2018 and in June 2023 I achieved my level 5, which allows me to work with babies, children and teenagers, as well as adults.

I have over 17 years of experience as a social worker in the health and social services sector with a diversified clientele. In addition, I have more than 3 years of experience as a PBA practitioner with adults, adolescents, children and babies.

Johanna Coderre

Johanna Coderre

Member of:

Quebec Order of Social Workers

and Marriage and Family


Pierre Delatte Institute of PBA

RITMA Association

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Leverage the Potential of Your True Nature

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